llts-amazon-book-coverLead Like The Sun – Becoming Love On Fire, To Lead

Newly released on both amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com Sept. 29, 2016! (Supporting Videos Below)

For women called to the warrior faction in Jesus. This is your time to rise, radiate, and reign right where you are in the confident love of God. 

Our world is in need of stronger love and light and you are it! The everyday beautiful woman whose heart is full, who knows she’s called and is willing to:


Let Go.

Take a Stand.

Touch hearts.

Break Molds.

Make Noise.

Fuel Faith.

Effect Things.

Never Settle.

Choose. Decide.

Lead Like The Sun, Like The Son, and Like A Girl On Fire For A World He Came To Save.

I’m ready, how about you?


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This Video Supports The ‘Perfection’ Chapter in the Lead Like The Sun Book.


This Video Supports The ‘What IF’ Chapter In The Lead LikeThe Sun Book.

This Video Supports the ‘Love’ Chapter In The Lead Like The Sun Book.