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Hello strong soul, you made it through another year, congratulations!  I have been quiet lately, behind the scenes preparing to begin the year intentionally and effectively, to serve and support all of you amazing ladies called to lead.  Well  it is January, and therefore;

It’s diet time….the time when all things commercialized, about weight loss are in our faces relentlessly.

Oh yes, I jumped on the band-wagon, even a few weeks before the hoop-lah began this year – go figure.   I want to be healthier, build stamina and endurance, and yes work off  several months worth of consistent desk-squatting.

But as I began to create targets (a.k.a. goals) for the year around weight loss, business, and faith and get people & systems in place to support them for the year, something happened.

An old friend named determination paid me a visit.  Not the kind that’s all in your head, a beefed up attitude born of temporary motivation.

But the kind that wells up from within your spirit and brings a strong sense of conviction and courage.  The kind that takes me instantly back to a time when I 16 years old, living alone, working three jobs, and finishing high school.  I wasn’t fearless then but certain, certain there was no need to be afraid, I was God’s child and He knew what He was doing, I whole-heartedly trusted that, but had somehow let life, emotions, and other random ugliness get in the way.

Suddenly I knew…this is my year to lose fear, and the weight that IT carries and burdens me with, once again.  And I know I don’t have to tell you how much it weighs.  But God is giving me a renewed sense of certainty that there is no need to be afraid, as long as my eyes are fixed on Him.

So I am on a fear-diet, ingesting only that which supports me in my faith, calling, and service.  Exercising my gift of choice…choosing my becoming over my doubts and battles with perfectionism, and gaining strength in Him and my desire to live in full expression of all He is making me.

So, can I interest you in a whole new diet craze?  The Fear-diet.  It works; one day, one choice at a time heart & eyes on God, and although you won’t be fearless, eventually you will be certain, there’s no need to be afraid.  Then just take one step in faith and full expression, it’s the best work-out you’ll ever have…I dare you.


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  • Jane Robinson - Reply

    March 2, 2014 at 11:57 pm

    What a wonderful post. Although it is early March you have inspired me to join The Fear-diet and really have a “workout”. Love the revamped site too!

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