Why I Write Anything, Ever.

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I write to love and lead, yes I am a word junkie, but my writing is fueled by a passion for your potential.

Nothing burns my backside faster or hotter than oppression in any form. Nothing. Why?

Because God authors every life as a love story to lead, in faith and full expression.

Living anything less than that is settling, and I can’t tolerate settling for me or any other

woman God is calling forth! Which is you, no coincidences you are reading this.

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” – Nehemiah 8:10

When I was sixteen years old I was homeless and living on my own. I worked three jobs while finishing high school. I ended up in a studio apartment, in the upper part of a house on the bad side of town, scared a lot of the time. I lived oppression in the form of circumstance, my own fear and debilitating unworthiness, and other people, who were oppressed in their own ‘stuff.’ 

But God.

But God showed up and He taught me how to go through a hard thing to get to the better thing. He taught me how to fight for the better story He was authoring as my life. He taught me how to lead myself in Him. How to live in peace, joy, love, courage, and faith, with maybe just a hint of sassy theatrics.

I learned to walk free and effectively in Him. In love, strength, and grace. I am not a fan of conformity or status quo. I like the hard questions and conversations that make us better humans. I enjoy laughter that brings wheezing and tears. I love the gathering of women and good food around tables, that bring heartfelt talks and sharing, and remind us we’re not alone. As we all become holy productions and more like Him.

I say I am God’s strong girl production.

I believe He is producing more strong girl productions, for leadership and such a time as this. My whole-hearted passion is to cultivate and encourage as many of those ‘strong girls’ as He allows me to.

Our world needs you, your heart full of Jesus, and your willingness to learn to lead and lead to love!

So I ask you; what if you were willing to:

Let Go.

Take a stand.

Touch hearts.

Break Molds.

Make Noise.

Fuel faith.

Effect things.

Never Settle.

Choose. Decide.

BE a production? A faith-filled production of all He created you for and you allow yourself to be?

I am here to help you if you want to find out.  Send me an email at michelle@stronggirlproductions.com

I would love to hear the leadership story God is calling you into!

Love Strong,



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